Over 100 Fake Super Bowl Rings Seized By Authorities

Customs agents in Philadelphia have seized 108 inauthentic Super Bowl rings.

This past June, United States Customs and Border Protection agents in Philadelphia found themselves in front of 108 Super Bowl rings being shipped into the US from Hong Kong.  They immediately became suspicious about the authenticity of the jewelry.

The agents noticed the sub par craftsmanship of the rings, which included some designed like those the Eagles recently earned.  Designs of those of other champions were also included. Authorities then reached out to the NFL to verify if the rings were actually fakes. The league confirmed the items were not real.

“Customs and Border Protection officers are like offensive linemen in that both are on the frontline and work hard to protect something important. CBP officers intercept counterfeit products at our nation’s Ports of Entry before they could harm U.S. consumers or businesses,” stated Casey Durst, CBP Director of Field Operations in Baltimore. “We will remain vigilant and we will continue to advance our detection capabilities in order to secure our homeland and keep our communities safe and our economy prosperous.”

Had the rings been authentic, the total value of the shipment would be worth over $1 million. Replica rings, authorized by the NFL, were indeed available for desiring Eagles fans willing to cough up over $11,000. However, those since have sold out.

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