Movies With Migs: Solo is a fun, action packed Star Wars entry (Spoiler Free)

I don’t recommend sleeping on this film while it’s in the theater.

As a long time Star Wars fan (Return of the Jedi is still my fav of the series), I was plenty excited when I heard that another movie was coming, and only five months after The Last Jedi. I will start this review writing about the low box office draw, which is interesting, but also annoying. Interesting because this is the first Star Wars movie that may lose money, even though I’ve talked to quite a few people that saw it also, and no one said they didn’t like it. The degree of liking it varied, but I haven’t come across anyone that said they didn’t like it/hated it.  The annoying part is too many folks who have NOT seen it are equating the not so fantastic box office numbers to “This movie isn’t good”, but how would they even know that? I never understood how someone could feel negative about a movie that they say they have no intention of watching. WEIRD!!!! I am fully aware of the angst and rage over the direction of The Last Jedi. I’ve even acknowledged and agreed with some of the complaints. What I don’t agree with, and never will, is all the racist and sexist nonsense that has plagued these last two episodes. Besides, I absolutely loved TLJ. Saw it six times (yes, six) in the theater, including twice at the Space and Rocket IMAX theater in Huntsville, Alabama! Millions of people have cried out in disagreeing with me on that one, which is fine, but these hardcore fans (did I spell a-hole wrong) saying “The Last Jedi sucked, so I know Solo will to…..not going to see it” gets a side eye reaction from me. How can one be a fan, and not see a new entry at least once? HOW????? My recommendation: See Solo at least once, and if you have the option, I’d recommend a premium format. AMCs bumped it from IMAX already (Dolby might be available), but there is still IMAX and RPX at Regal theaters, and XD at Cinemark theaters. You may even get some cool movie memorabilia. I have a collector’s ticket, and three different posters. I enjoy getting movie stuff, which is one of the reasons I saw Solo three times. AMC ran a promotion for extra Stubs points if you saw it this past weekend. I like points, so guess what I was watching yesterday?      

The movie itself……FUN!!!! I had a great time in the theater for the first view. I went to a theater in Tennessee I had never been to before (which served craft beer….SCORE), got all the Regal points, and I was with my lovely lady, who enjoyed the movie as well. I had not heard of Alden Ehrenreich however, and when I saw the teaser trailer earlier this year, my first thought was “Who is this dude??” I wasn’t fully on board with him playing young Solo, until I saw the second trailer that showed some more footage. I was rooting for him then. I hoped his portrayal wouldn’t be disappointing. It wasn’t. I thought Ehrenreich did a good job showing us a side of Han we didn’t see with Harrison Ford, and still staying true to the spirit of the character. You could see it in his speech, his demeanor, and even the way he shoots his blaster. The supporting cast was good as well, with an awesome portrayal of young Lando by Donald Glover. His look was on point. If they ever make a Looper sequel with Billy Dee, Glover better get that call again! I was really pleased to see the homey Chewbecca get plenty of screen time. For me, one of the best aspects of the film was showing how Han and Chewie met, which turned out to be comical, and why they are so close. There is a scene where Chewie is just waiting for his moment on the Falcon. I loved that scene. One of my gripes of TLJ was the short amount of time we got to see him, so I was happy that the story for Solo had him fully involved. The special effects and CGI were all crisp. Like I said before…..Watch it in premium format if you can. Your eyes will not be mad at you. The story was a straight forward heist flick, and a good adventure that adds lore to the Star Wars world. There were plenty of connections to the original trilogy, and also to the prequels. I really like how those connections are written and played out, because you don’t have to question them. I liked seeing Han’s “claim to fame” on the big screen. Those were great visuals. If you’ve seen it, you know what scene I’m referring to. If you haven’t seen it….What are you waiting for? On my second and third viewing, I caught some things I didn’t see the first time.
That’s always fun, and especially when you can talk to other people about it. I am hoping that more people go to the theater to see this, and maybe it will clean up once it’s out for home release. As a fan of the series, I’ll definitely be buying this for my collection. Please please please let there be a deleted scene where Doc Brown shows up and tells Han “something has to be done about your kid”.

Migs Rodriguez



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