Episode 60: Let’s Rock n Roll

In episode 60- of The Defy Life Podcast the guys discuss the NBA Finals, Terrell Owens attempt to comeback, the most difficult position to play in sports and more!

Hosts: J.R. Glymph, Thomas Stephens, Keyonne Small, Alvin Glymph


  • News: Recent crazy lawsuits in this litigious society of ours.
  • NBA: Update of the NBA Finals (a quite heated one)
  • NFL Does Terrell Owens have a shot at a comeback?
  • NFL: Donald Trump’s disinvitation of the Eagles and his ceremony kind of backfiring.
  • NFL: The most iconic images in NFL history.
  • QOTW: What is the most difficult position to play in sports?
  • Trivia: Keyonne hosts trivia again as Al defends his title!

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