You Ain’t Slick, NFL…

The National Football League continues to hide– in plain site — its dismissive attitude toward real issues.

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining, NFL. The league office and the owners of 31 of 32 teams have, once again, given a collective middle finger to a large portion of its fan base and the majority of its players by installing a flimsy “policy” regarding players protesting civil injustice during the national anthem.

For those of you not aware, the NFL has decided that players who do not wish to participate in “respecting” the flag are to remain in the locker room during the anthem. If a player is on the field, he is mandated to “respect” the flag or have his team face a fine from the league. Furthermore, each individual team is given complete autonomy to impose punishment on said player.

Flag on the play!!! To this, I call BS! Coerced displays of patriotism is more about the coercion than the patriotism.

First off, those of you who still believe that this is or has ever been a protest to the flag are completely clueless or just playing dumb. And if you’re willing to continue with your overboard antics of admonishing men who dare stand up for civil injustice while willfully and conveniently saving your energy when it comes time to address the actual issues, miss me with your rhetoric.

Secondly, just whom is to determine the manners of “respect”? If a player bends over to tie his shoe during the anthem, is he being disrespectful? If two guys have a conversation during the anthem, will the team be fined? This “compromise” is short-sighted and insulting. For one, it’s not a compromise at all. Never have I heard of a compromise that involves punishment to either party. That is a mandate to “protest how I see fit” so your grievances don’t make me uncomfortable.

For decades, folks have been told to protest differently to placate those who don’t give a damn. People riot…”Why don’t you protest peacefully?”. People protest peacefully in the street…”Get out of my streets! Find somewhere else to protest!”. People protest quietly by taking a knee…”You’re disrespecting my flag!” Keep moving the goalposts and you’ll never be satisfied with your discomfort.

The NFL is the epitome of the rationale. The league doesn’t have the spine to outright dictate anything to the players, so they put the onus on the teams and players. All while passing it off as some sort of compromise. Stop…just stop! The NFLPA was never consulted in this decision, so how is it a compromise?

Also, many folks claim that they come to a football game to watch football and nothing else should be involved. I guess they completely missed the countless campaigns devoted to the military (paid), cancer awareness (paid), youth fitness (paid), etc. Truth is, those same folks don’t mind distractions from the game unless it makes them uncomfortable.

God forbid someone does something to lend a voice to those who are not being heard and hurts your feelings in the process.

You got this one wrong, NFL. This is about money. In particular, corporate money. The NFL doesn’t give a damn about issues unless there is some monetary gain by result. The NFL couldn’t care less about whether Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid or Malcom Jenkins are be vilified unjustly until they can figure out how to weed them out…because it just doesn’t look right to have them stand for something they have paid to do. Since it’s about the money, just say that. Just don’t peddle this goofy policy as if it’s some sort of social statement or declaration of giving a damn.

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