The Royal Family And The African Slave Trade

NEWSONE refused to cover the wedding between Henry Charles Albert David(Prince Harry), and Meghan Markle due to the family’s deep involvement in the African slave trade.


For centuries Africans were beaten, raped, chained and transported by the millions from the continent of Africa to the Americas on British slave ships. Britain was not the only nation that participated, but they were a major player nonetheless in what is but one of the many African holocausts to occur at the hands of European colonizers.  The Guardian reported back in 2004, “Between 10 and 28 million Africans were forcibly sent to the Americas and sold into slavery between 1450 and the early 19th century. By then Britain was the dominant trader, transporting more than 300,000 slaves a year in shackles on overcrowded and disease-ridden boats.”  Some historians have estimated that as many as 100 million slaves were kidnapped and sold as a part of the trans Atlantic slave trade that has had devastating effects on the nations they left behind most of which have still not recovered.


Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth have both refused to apologize for the actions of Britain in the slave trade even though their nation was enriched in the process. Everything that the British family has was stolen from other nations, the fear is if they were to apologize then they would then be sued and made to pay reparations.


Queen Elizabeth I invested in the early voyages of John Hawkins, loaned him her armed 700-ton ship, Jesus of Lubeck, as a slave vessel, made money from the investment, and knighted Hawkins for his efforts. When Queen Elizabeth II was asked about paying reparations she responded, “Under the statue of the International Civil Court, acts of enslavement committed today do constitute crimes against humanity. But the historic slave trade was not a crime against humanity or contrary to international law at the time when the U.K. government condoned it.”

I commend NEWSONE for taking a stand against a family that has chosen to acknowledge and celebrate history where it is convenient, but will ignore it where it is less flattering. The fact is this family and many others have blood on their hands, and have enriched themselves off the backs of millions of Africans.  Most news outlets will not even report on this history, but the information is out there, it is up to the people to seek it out and decide what if anything they want to do about it.

One thought on “The Royal Family And The African Slave Trade”

  1. I’ve always thought this was a bit of a fudged up area and shameful … will we be pulling down their statues, obviously not


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