Movies With Migs: Deadpool’s Double Feature

I got a double dose of Deadpool at AMC’s Big D!!

WADE WILSON!!!!!! There’s a name I grew up with, not even realizing that Deadpool is a straight up rip off of DC Comic’s Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson. I grew up thinking “Who is this Spider-Man looking guy?” I’m sure I wasn’t the only one! Remember X-Men Origins? Yea….I try not to either, but we did get a tiny taste of Deadpool in that movie. What they did to him in that movie was straight up blasphemy, but that opened the door and here we are now, two Deadpool movies deep!

Deadpool’s double feature was a fun time in the theater. I always enjoy going to events for superhero films. Yes, I saw it multiple times when it dropped two years ago. Of course I have the Blu-ray. But no way was I passing up seeing the original in the theater again. I didn’t even mind driving out of my way because the theaters near me weren’t doing the double feature. So I got a double dose of Deadpool at AMC’s Big D. Yes….THAAAA BIGGGG DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I always crack up, as if I was watching for the first time. The original was off top. I remember how excited I was to see all the crazy promotions and the excellent trolling by Ryan Reynolds. He has really come into his own playing Deadpool, and stays true to the character. That opening highway scene is CLASSIC!! How can you not love it? The story is centered on a simple plan of revenge, but the simplicity is what made it dope. It felt like a Deadpool comic. The gags and the fourth wall breaks (when a character is aware that they are a character) all hit well. Two of my favorite aspects of this movie were the movement of the whited out eyes on Deadpool’s mask (FINALLY!!!! Batman….what are you waiting for?), and we got to see a true to character Colossus! Not really sure what the writers were thinking about with Colossus’ portrayal in the X-Men flicks, but I was cheering when I saw how awesome he was in Deadpool. Bravo! Overall, Deadpool is still highly enjoyable and highly quotable. One of my favorite lines from the film, which involved skeeball (it’s a tough call), still makes me crack up. If you watch closely, you can tell that Reynolds was holding a smirk back when he said that. Too funny! I could drone on and on, like Colossus, but I won’t. No need. Deadpool speaks for himself! So after a brief intermission, it was time for Deadpool 2, and it didn’t disappoint. Now it is too early for an in depth look, but if you enjoyed the first, then most likely you will enjoy the sequel. I found myself laughing a lot watching it. The jokes were good, the action is on point, and it was good to have Cable and Domino join the cast. I have minor gripes with both of those characters, and some of the writing for the story, but it isn’t anything that I can’t get over. The promotions for DP2 have been awesome as well. If you haven’t seen the Celine Dion/Deadpool video, I suggest you head over to YouTube and check that out. You will get a kick out of it. There are other 20 Century Fox films that have been trolled by Deadpool, so you just might see some alternate movie covers next time you are in an entertainment/electronics section. And if you don’t have a copy of the original, Walmart has a special 2 year anniversary edition of Deadpool, which comes with movie bucks to see Deadpool 2. That’s a pretty good deal. I used some AMC points for my ticket, so instead of paying $20 bucks, I got to see both for $10. SCORE!! I also got a couple of cool collector’s items. DOUBLE SCORE!!! I’m looking forward to seeing it again. I’m already booked for IMAX next week. Guess how much I paid for 2 IMAX tickets? About the same price for a chimichanga plate dinner! HAHA….Gotta love AMC Stubs Rewards. Go see Wade!!!

Migs Rodriguez


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