NFL Player’s Girlfriend Admitted She Lied About Abuse

The Former girlfriend of NFL player Reuben Foster testified in a preliminary hearing that the player never put his hands on her and that she lied to authorities about an alleged domestic violence incident.

Elissa Ennis former girlfriend of Reuben Foster

She also said that she wanted to ruin Foster’s career and sue him for money after he broke up with her. Elissa Ennis testified against her lawyer’s advice but said that she was trying to right the wrong.  “I’m sorry. I really am,” Ennis tearfully testified, “I apologize to everybody.”  Ennis also admitted to stealing more than $8,000 from Foster. That money has since been returned to Foster after the bank seized her accounts, but Ennis said she still has the two Rolexes she took from him in a safe deposit box in Louisiana.

Kevin Smith the Santa Clara County deputy district attorney still wants to proceed with the charges against Foster saying to the judge, this case comes down to “which statement do you believe?”   The trial decision will be made no later than next week.


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