Fortnite To Team Up With The Avengers

The super-popular video game Fortnite will soon have a huge cameo guest: The primary villain in Marvel’s blockbuster movie Avengers Infinity War.

Well, I’m sure my kids won’t stop talking about this for the next week or so. Their excitement is sure to be of the “thru-the-roof” variety!

Monday, Epic Games confirmed a “limited time mashup”, that will launch Tuesday featuring the current phase of  Fortnite and Thanos, the big, bad villain from Marvel’s latest mega-release.

Epic Games confirmed the event via tweet with only few details. but a report from Entertainment Weekly stated that Fortnite will feature a special version of its Battle Royale mode in which players will be able to wield the Infinity Gauntlet and morph into Thanos.

The version will update for free on all platforms on console, mobile and PC.

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