Movies With Migs: Thanos: Infinity War


Us fans of the MCU, and fans of Jim Starlin, have been waiting for the Mad Titan to arrive. Ever since we got that glimpse so many years ago. When you watched that after credit scene in Thor: Ragnarok, you knew it was time! THANOS HAS ARRIVED!! Yes, I’m excited just typing this…Can you tell?

If you haven’t watched Thanos: Infinity War, don’t be afraid. You can keep reading. Not here to post spoilers or ruin the experience. What are you waiting for though?
I’ve watched it three times already. Let me tell you about it. IMAX presentation for the first time. That was great. Infinity War is the type of movie you go to IMAX for. The presentation is eye popping. The sound is crisp. It was justice for the score. Speaking of, I really enjoyed the grim twist to the Avenger score on the opening Marvel banner. Lets you know the heroes are going to be in for it. It was a rather large crowd, and normally that means talking throughout the movie and the bright lights from the phones, but this crowd made it fun. We all cheered and laughed together. I marked out on Thanos from the very beginning. It was only 3 minutes into the movie! Second viewing was AMC Dolby presentation. Hands down the winner of the three. WOW! The screen is not as big as IMAX, but that digital clarity and the surround sound puts you in the movie. The characters were popping out the screen, without 3D glasses. The booming sound during the battles! Gotta love the comfy recliners as well. Personal space is a huge plus. For the third viewing, I went to an AMC Big D. The screen size rivals IMAX, and the theater is gigantic. It has a nice surround sound system, but it doesn’t sound as good as Dolby. I like that green lightsaber glow, and I’m dumb so I go around saying “THAAA BIG DEEEEEEEEE”. Plus I only had to pay $2.18 when I watched it the third time. $5 Tuesdays for Stubs members, and I had a reward discount for the double whammie! So if you haven’t seen it, I recommend Dolby at AMC. If you are a repeat offender, then check out all the premium formats! Just don’t see it in standard. That’s doing yourself a disservice.

Sorry Avengers. I like the team and their nobleness, but I was in it for the villains this time. If you are a Jim Starlin fan, then you know just how tough Thanos is. Not just physically either. Straight up beast, with intelligence and drive. I was glad to read that Starlin had a big part in the making of this film. No one writes Thanos stories better than him. Kudos to Josh Brolin’s portrayal as well. His voice is a good fit. I was in Iowa last week for work, so I’m reading USA Today in the morning, and turn to an article featuring Thanos and the Avengers. To see the Mad Titan in a national paper!! How cool was that? Made my nerd heart happy. The Black Order was excellent!! I have several of Starlin’s books, but none of the ones I have really feature the Black Order. Looks like I’m going to need to buy a copy of Infinity, by John Hickman. I didn’t do much research on them, but I was very happy to see formidable opponents. I’m a fan now. Marvel has a tendency to have throwaway minions, but not this time. It’s not even fair to call the members of the Order “minions”. Thanos doesnt have slouches serving him, that’s for sure. His crew puts in that work!! My favorite of the group is Ebony Maw. I love how he talks. “REJOICE, for the battle scenes will have your eyes wide!!”

The Avengers/Wakandans/Guardians all shined as well. I marked out over a couple of the hero scenes. Honestly though, I was ready for them to get served!!! All of them!!! BEAT!! BRUISED!! BROKEN!!!!!  *Thanos voice* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
All the heavy hitters get their moments and the way the spotlight was dispersed was well done. That really gave it a good comic book feel. The Wakanda scene and the Titan scene are both bravo bravo!! Thor went super hard, without all the silly jokes every 3 minutes. I wanted to stand up and clap.

Overall….Another excellent film from Marvel. I absolutely loved it! It didnt slump off at any point, so you stay engaged. By the time it was over, I had a big smile on my face. Infinity War will definitely be in my top ten for the year, so you’ll see me revisiting it. The fourth viewing is on deck. I have a ticket for one of the “uppity” theaters in the area, so I’ll watch it there and get food and a blankie! I haven’t watched it at a Regal yet, so I need to get some Crown Reward points! I’m collecting points like Infinity Stones! As I said before, I highly recommend Dolby presentation at AMC if you haven’t watched it yet. Visually awesome and you wont be squished in. I think all the Dolby theaters have recliner seats at this point. Hopefully I’m not wrong about that. Go see the Mad Titan (again). Looking forward to 2019!!

Migs Rodriguez



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