Who Is Bobby Feeno?

If you are a pro football fan you probably know the guy. If you are a hip hop fan and you don’t know the name you will….

Retired NFL running back Arian Foster looks to take the hip hop music world by storm as “Bobby Feeno” his chosen stage name. His latest album release entitled “Flamingo and Koval” is


connected to a famous artist arguably considered to be the best ever at his craft. “Flamingo and Koval” is the intersection where Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas in 1996. Foster has proclaimed Pac to be his favorite rapper of all time.

Arian Foster joins other pro athletes that have taken a shot at a hip hop music career. Most recently NBA basketball players Iman Shumpert and Damian Lillard have released material. I had the opportunity to check out the album and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the project. As a complete body of work the lyrical content, and musical production was on point. Check out one of the tracks below from the album “A Friend A Fan A Kid” Let me know what you think leave a comment.

Pick up the album “Flamingo and Koval” on Tidal, Amazon, and Itunes.

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