Former Panthers Employee Details Jerry Richardson’s Behavior

A former employee of the Carolina Panthers has come forth with more details of the misconduct of soon-to-be ex-owner Jerry Richardson.

panthersIt is well-known that the Carolina Panthers will be soon be sold due to the behavior of owner Jerry Richardson. His behavior included sexual harassment to females and the use of racial slurs towards employees, leading to an NFL investigation. An ugly situation, no doubt. Things just got uglier…

In a letter written for, by a former employee of the Panthers, that NFL investigation is referred to as a “farce”, as the league is offering no protection for breaking non-disclosure agreements put in place after Richardson would reach financial settlements with victims.

The former employee does, indeed have an NDA, but stated she authored her piece due to Richardson breaking the agreement by talking to fellow owners about the details. Houston Texans owner Bob McNair stated at the March owners meetings that Richardson “was very candid in what he said and what he did”, also that he believed some of what Richardson said had been “misunderstood.”

Included in the article are copies of handwritten notes to the former employee from Richardson that make reference to grooming, stating his desire to “pamper you more” and an insinuation of regret that “I have never been able to give you pleasure.” The author also writes that she was not sure how to respond to those letters and shared other events with Richardson that left her clueless regarding a reaction.

“I didn’t know what to do when you summoned me to your personal office, instructed me to sit in the chair across from you, pulled my chair towards you so you could sandwich my legs, which you proceeded to rub, between yours. I didn’t know what to do when you called me to your stadium suite in the middle of the week so you could take off my shoes, place my legs in your lap and rub their entire length, from toes to crotch. I didn’t know what to do when you asked me to turn around so you could see how my jeans looked. I didn’t know what to do when you brushed my breasts to put my seat belt around me in the front seat of your car. I didn’t know what to do when you put your hands on my mouth, for me to kiss them. I didn’t know what to do when you asked me uncomfortable, sexually charged questions. I didn’t know what to do. So, I did what you told me to do.”

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that the sooner Richardson is out of the picture, the better for the Carolina organization and the NFL as a whole. At some point, the men who own and run NFL franchises have to be held to a higher standard than the employees of these franchises. And for other owners to defend, condone or dismiss the reprehensible actions of owners like Richardson, speaks volumes of the type of people we support in this league.


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