Bill Cosby Found Guilty

After years of allegations, Bill Cosby has been found guilty of sexual assault.

Cosby’s accuser, Andrea Constand.

A Norristown, PA jury has found Bill Cosby guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home nearly 14 years ago. This concludes the deterioration of the once-sterling image of one of the world’s most beloved and best-known entertainers. The verdict also lends a measure of relief and satisfaction to the dozens of women who have accused Cosby, for years, of similar assaults against them.

On the day-two of deliberations at the Montgomery County Courthouse in the town just outside Philadelphia, the jury returned with its verdict. . . convicting Mr. Cosby of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand, who was then a Temple University employee that he had he had mentored.

The three counts — penetration while unconscious, penetration with lack of consent, and penetration after administering an intoxicant — are all felonies, and each punishable by up to 10-years in state prison. However, the sentences can be served concurrently.

This was the second time Cosby has faced trial. His first, last summer ended in a deadlocked jury after six days of deliberations.

In the past, the 80-year-old Cosby, has openly admitted to decades of adultery and promiscuity, which included giving women quaaludes in an effort to have sex. Thus, sullying the image he built as an upstanding public figure and the all-everything dad in the successfully popular ’80s / ’90s sitcom “The Cosby Show.” Mr. Cosby did not testify during the trial, in an attempt to avoid being grilled about those admissions. However, he and his lawyers have held that all involvement with Ms. Constand was part of a consensual affair, not an assault on his part.


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