Waffle House Shooting And Viral Video Of Woman Being Slammed Grab Headlines

Its been a rough week for Waffle House. First a shooter wearing only a jacket guns down 4 customers, then a video showing a woman being slammed to the floor by police exposing her breasts in one of its restaurants goes viral making headlines all over the world.


Travis Reinking, who had been on the FBI’s radar since he tried to get into the White House to meet with Donald Trump in order to get Taylor Swift to stop stalking him, went to a Waffle House in Nashville Tennessee and began shooting.  4 people were killed and that number would have been higher had it not been for  James Shaw Jr., who wrestled the gun away from Reinking sustaining a bullet wound in the process. Reinking was arrested days later and is charged with 4 counts of murder.


When Chikesia Clemons complained about a 50 cent charge for cutlery that she says she was not charged for the night before, the police were called and things quickly got out of hand.  Clemons claims that she was never asked to leave the store, and that she had only asked the employee to provide a number so that she could speak with the corporate manager.  The employee claims that Clemons was belligerent so she called the police who arrived and proceed to arrest Clemons. Clemons was then slammed to the floor where here breasts were exposed. Waffle house released a statement standing by their employee’s decision.

See the video below.

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