My Notebook Is My Burial Ground, My Eyes Reflect My Journey, Through My Pen I will Rise!

I was once told that if someone has a burning desire to reveal themselves, their eyes will tell the story.

IMG_1601Soon after meeting this remarkable young lady it was evident her soul had been scarred. Her eyes encompassed pain, heartache, despair, triumph, deliverance, as well as victory. Days after our encounter every word that had been uttered echoed subconsciously throughout my thoughts for days. I couldn’t wait to share this jewel with the world.

Our next artist spotlight, Tessie McCoy, has a voice that screams to be heard, and a joy that needs to be experienced. We had the pleasure of interviewing this aspiring poet, entrepreneur, also aspiring actress and bestselling author. Here’s a closer look at our two part interview with self-proclaimed “Crown Me Tessie.”

Listen to part 2 of our interview with Tessie McCoy on the Bald Headed Logic podcast here!


Hometown: Sumter, SC

Current City: Charlotte, NC


Instagram: CrownMe_Tessie

Youtube: CrownMe_Tessie

Order your copy of Wilderness Here

What are you working on currently? I’m promoting my first book. Also, putting together a show centered on the book. Finally, just getting on stage to perform as much as my soul as possible.

mom picWhy do you do what you do? Writing is what saved my life. When I was going through the loss of my mother writing kept me going.  It started as a way to let out my frustrations, now I want to help other young people who may be going through similar things.

What was your “Ah ha” moment…when you knew this is what you wanted to do? The first time I recorded my poetry and put in on sound cloud, people thought it was good. That was the first time I really thought I had something to say that people would care to listen to.

Professionally, what are your goals? Continue to write poetry and gain more exposure with performing. I am working on a novel inspired by my family and our lives. My goal is to get it published by a major company and make it into a major motion picture, after becoming a New York Times best seller. What, too ambitious? No, Tessie! Not at All. Aim for the stars! So you won’t be disappointed if you land on the moon!


What / who inspires you to be great? God.  For a long time my relationship with God was really rocky after my mother died.  I didn’t think I would ever be able to achieve any of the dreams I had in my head or heart. I blamed God for it all! But know having developed a solid foundation in Him, I know that I wouldn’t have dreamt unimaginable dreams nor grasped my goals if God didn’t give me the tools to achieve them.  So the fact that God is in my corner is what inspires me to keep pushing forward. I know that he’s the one guiding my path. As long as I keep him first, success is inevitable!

How has your poetry evolved over time? My poetry has evolved along with me I think.  Reading some of my older poems I can definitely see my maturity in my writing and the way I deliver my message.

What is your take on music and art funding being cut in schools? I don’t agree. Art of any kind is one of the highest form of expression and taking it away from schools is a disservice to children who are trying to find themselves and their voices.

What’s the scariest part of being an artist? The scariest part for me is being vulnerable. My poetry lets people into my fears, pain, and all of my crazy which is the stuff you don’t just go around telling or showing everybody. And now we’re in a time where everybody is quick to judge. So it can be scary to put myself out there.


How do you Defy Life? My grandma used to always say, “All you have to do is keep on living.” So I would say I defy life by living it. No matter the obstacles, or the setbacks, the ups, the downs, the whatever. All those things can make life seem like it wants you to give up and quit. But like grandma said, “all you have to do is keep on living.” Eventually things will turn around and you’ll come out on top.

Is there anything else you would like to leave with our listeners? Yes, I would definitely love to leave your listeners with this. My Grandmother was a very candid lady with a million and one sayings, and you can surely Defy Life with this as well. “Whatever you put in the wash, comes out in the rinse!

What exactly does that mean? I suppose you would have to get the answer to that in my feature on Bald Headed Logic Podcast to find out.

4 thoughts on “My Notebook Is My Burial Ground, My Eyes Reflect My Journey, Through My Pen I will Rise!”

  1. Smart, Beautiful, Touching, Talented, POWERFUL…and Anointed..Love this, love you..keep up the wonderful work..SO proud of you !!


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