Movies With Migs: I Love Non Spoiling Trailers!!!

Acrimony and A Quiet Place are intriguing, enjoyable films.


I love a good trailer. One that doesn’t show you too much, but still manages to grab your attention and makes you want to see the movie. The trailers for Acrimony and A Quiet Place did that to me. I saw both trailers watching other movies, and I knew I was in for both flicks. Let’s take a look!



I am not a huge fan of Tyler Perry’s films, but I am a big fan of Taraji. I have been impressed with her range of acting, and also her on screen presence. She commands the stage in this. I dug her performance. Aside from the trailer, she is the reason why I wanted to see this one. The trailer had me guessing what this movie was about, so of course I had to find out. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Yes, a lot of the reviews are negative. I read a few reviews after I saw the movie (NEVER read reviews before seeing a movie….Movies With Migs 101), but I can’t agree that this is a terrible film. There is no way I can discount all of the real life situations that were presented. What do you do when your significant other is emotionally and physically draining, but you still love the person and want them to live a good life? What do you do when your own well-being is threatened by the person you choose to spend your life with? What do you do when you are pushed so far that your rage manifests itself physically? In my opinion, Acrimony did a decent job presenting those questions, and showing the effects of the answers. Acrimony didn’t blow me away, but it did stick with me after. I was riding home after, thinking about some similar situations I’ve dealt with, and I just had to laugh. That “whew” laugh where you look back at something that happened in your past, realizing how fortunate you are because your experience didn’t mirror everything in the movie. Acrimony probably will be pulled from the theaters soon, but I recommend a theater view on $5 night. It’s not an “angry black woman” movie. Nope nope nope. It’s a layered look at just how volatile a relationship can be.




The teaser trailer for A Quiet Place was a good one. Less than a minute and didn’t show you anything. In this day, that’s excellent. Trailers show way too much. In hindsight, I wish I didn’t see the second trailer. Two months prior to its release, the movie didn’t have a rating. I was expecting rated R. When I found out the movie was PG13, I said “WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!” A PG13 horror flick that wasn’t going to be a super violent, with super gore? That can’t work, right? Oh wait…..I liked Lights Out. Silly me! A Quiet Place is a tense thriller, and very well written. I had a couple of questions with some of the decisions the characters made, but man my heart was pumping fast watching this one. When a cataclysmic event turns sound into a death sentence, how do you survive? How do you protect your family, including small children? I don’t have kids, but watching A Quiet Place from the point of view of a parent just makes it scarier. There is a scene where the kids are playing a board game, and they have to use pieces that won’t make noise. I never thought about it until this movie, but I can’t remember playing a board game with others in silence. The implication is nuts! I liked the use of sound, the use of silence, and the lighting. It really brought life to the film. I missed out on screening this movie, but it would have been interesting to see this in a theater with other people. I saw it in an empty theater on $5 night (score), but seeing other people’s reactions would have been fun. If you are a horror fan, see it. If you aren’t a horror fan, see it! Bring the kids so you can scare them into seeing the importance of listening to their parents! HAHA

Migs Rodriguez


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