Men lie, women lie, but beards don’t. Viticus Thomas is showing the world how to be “Blessed and Bearded”.

Tell us about Blessed and Bearded.

It started in my mind of just living a lifestyle that is pleasing to God. I felt that he has blessed me over the years even when I may not have deserved it. I have always gotten compliments on my beard so I said why not have a brand that says blessed and bearded. Most people are blessed I hope but, all are not Blessed and Bearded!

Viticus Thomas owner of Blessed and Bearded.

You know when I first saw the brand the first person that came to mind for me was NBA superstar James Harden. It would be dope to get him to rock one of the tees right?

I really would love to send James Harden a shirt!

What was your “Ah-ha” moment…when you knew this brand was what you wanted to do?

When the logo was done. I knew then that people would want to rock this. Plus its universal. This appeals to all audiences not just one.

What is the most fun and what is most challenging about what you do?

The most fun is being a product of the product. You have other people out here selling bearded shirts and they don’t have a beard or respect the culture. The challenge so far is placing the shirt on the right person that would take this to another level. Like a James Harden etc.

What are your goals as an entrepreneur?

To make this a worldwide brand and to become a full time entrepreneur!


Who or what inspires you?

Driven people inspire me. The potential of the Blessed and Bearded brand and who I am also inspires me.

We talk a lot of sports here at Defy Life. Are you a sports fan? Favorite team?

I’m a Michigan and Carolina Panthers fan.

We started this website for those of us who live outside the box and defy how conventional thinking tells us we should live. How do you Defy Life?

I live life like it’s my last day on earth! Knowing that tomorrow is not promised should inspire you to live your best life every day!


How can people purchase Blessed and Bearded products?

Website- www.blessedandbearded.com

Email- blessedandbearded.vt@gmail.com

Instagram and Facebook @blessedandbearded


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