5-Man Weave: NBA Playoffs Roundtable

The The Defy Life crew got together to give their insights on the upcoming NBA Playoffs.

The 2018 NBA Playoffs are nearly upon us and, well, we just have to talk about it!

In the lineup, from The Defy Life Podcast: J.R. Glymph, Thomas Stephens, Alvin Glymph, Keyonne Small and Rodney McDaniel.

Let’s get it!

Which player has the most to prove in the 2018 NBA playoffs?

J.R.: I’m going against the grain with Russell Westbrook. Two straight triple-double seasons, but he’s got to win come playoff time. They’ve given him surrounding talent. He’s gotta make it work.

hardenThomas: I know it says “player”, but I’m going with the Houston Rockets. Chris Paul and James Harden in  particular.

Alvin: It has to be LeBron. He is trying to prove that he belongs in the GOAT conversation. He will only silence his critics with more championships and his window is closing.

Keyonne: Gotta go with James Harden and Chris Paul of Houston.

Rodney: Lebron James. After Kyrie trade and the roster shakeup he wants to prove the Cavs are Finals ready.


Which team will make a surprise deep run?

greekJ.R.: The Milwaukee Bucks. They can conceivably upset Boston in the first round and I wouldn’t rule out them beating Philly in round 2.

Thomas: I’m going with the Milwaukee Bucks. They’ve underachieved throughout the regular season, but they’ve got the talent and length to cause trouble in the playoffs.

Alvin: The NBA playoffs is going to see some upsets. This will open the door for someone to make a long run. I am going with Washington. Wall is back and I think they could make some noise.

Keyonne: The Philadelphia Sixers are dangerous.

Rodney: For some reason I am thinking the Utah Jazz. Good chemistry and they have a secret weapon. Donovan Mitchell.


Which higher seed will lose in round one?

alJ.R.: If I’m picking the Bucks to make a run, I gotta go with Boston on this one.

Thomas: The Celtics. The Kyrie injury and them leaning so much on youth will be trouble.

Alvin: I would not be shocked if Houston or Boston took Ls in the first round. Boston because if injuries and Houston because of lack of defense.

Keyonne: Boston. No Kyrie is a killer for a playoff run.

Rodney: Toronto Raptors. Even though they lead the east, they always seem to disappear in the playoffs.


Which injury will have the biggest effect on the playoffs?

kyrieJ.R.: It’s not a new one, but Kawhi Leonard is too important to San Antonio for that team to make a serious run in the playoffs.

Thomas: Kyrie Irving. Boston can’t score enough to win a big series and it will cost them early.

Alvin: Kyrie injury was a season killer. Curry will return as long as Golden State make it out the first round so I’m discounting that injury.

Keyonne: Yeah, again. Kyrie Irving being injury is too big for Boston to overcome.

Rodney: Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs lack the offense presence of a dynamic player like Kawhi. The West has too many good teams for the Spurs to advance without him.


Who are the biggest threats to dethrone Cleveland in the East and Golden State in the West?

benJ.R.: Although I don’t see it happening, Philly is the team that gives Cleveland the most trouble.

Thomas: Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets

Alvin: I think Toronto matches up well against the Cavs. I think Portland could be a sleeper if the Warriors don’t make it out the West.

Keyonne: Philly and Houston

Rodney: Washington Wizards and Houston


Your picks to meet in the Eastern Conference Finals and Western Conference Finals.

060717-nba-golden-state-warriors-kevin-durant-stephen-curry.vresize.1200.630.high.0J.R.: Cleveland / Philly & Houston / Portland

Thomas: Raptors / Cavs & Warriors / Rockets

Alvin: Toronto – Philly & Golden State – Houston

Keyonne: Cleveland / Toronto & Houston / Golden State

Rodney: Cleveland and Washington    Golden State and Oklahoma City


Your picks to meet In NBA Finals.

finalsJ.R.: Cleveland & Houston

Thomas: Cavs & Warriors

Alvin: Toronto & Golden State

Keyonne: Cleveland and Houston

Rodney: Cleveland and Golden State


Finals winner and MVP.

bronJ.R.: Cleveland…LeBron

Thomas: G-State..KD with the Drake (back to back)

Alvin: Golden State – Durant

Keyonne: Cleveland wins and LeBron gets MVP.

Rodney: Cleveland/Lebron James


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