Lil Wayne Wins Paternity Suit

Keiotia Watson claimed that rap star Lil Wayne fathered her 16 year old son Dwayne Brown, and was demanding that he begin making child support payments.

Keiotia Watson

Wayne refused and ignored the woman’s request even though a judge had ruled in her favor.  The rapper did finally agree to take a paternity test and said that if the child was his, he would take full responsibility and pay the $5,000 a month that she was demanding.

According to the documents released today, there is a 0.00% chance that Lil Wayne is Dwayne’s father.  Now with this behind him, Wayne can focus on more pressing issues such as putting out new music, and that getting that 30 million dollar pay check Baby still owes him. This is still a sad case though and I hope the child involved isn’t too broken up over this and can move on knowing that his mom either has no idea who his father is or is a scammer that was hoping to hit the jackpot.


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