Lebron Ties Jordan

With a lob from JR Smith, Lebron James ties Michael Jordan for the most consecutive games with 10 points or more.


For 866 consecutive games Michael Jordan set the bar for scoring consistency in the NBA and against the team that he now owns, King James, has now tied the that most impressive record. Coming of a so so performance against the Heat, James had scored 35 points through the  3rd quarter. James is currently 7th on the all-time scoring list with 30,814 points, needing 1,479 points to pass Jordan at No. 3 at 32,292.

Coach Larry Drew has been gushing over the  superstar since he took over for Tyron Lue who is out due to illness saying, “You can say what you want about LeBron, whether it be positive or whether it be a negative, but what he has done is just, it’s amazing.” Drew went on saying “At his age, him being able to play every game, him being able to sustain and him able to play with the consistency he has played with, game after game after game speaks volumes. To me, he certainly deserves that MVP. I mean he’s just been phenomenal every game. At his age, he’s been just consistent every time he has stepped on the floor. And to me, that speaks volumes.”



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