Former NBA Star Steve Francis Still Battling With Alcoholism

Steve Francis was taken to jail in Burbank California and given a citation, then released around 7 a.m. local time Monday morning for public intoxication.


Burbank police said they were called about an unruly patron and observed Francis and determined, “he was under the influence to an extent that he posed a risk to his own safety and the safety of others.”  Francis recently wrote about his struggles with alcoholism also adding that it was alcohol abuse that contributed to the decline of his NBA career.

Francis wrote,  “The hardest part was reading some bullshit on the Internet saying that I was on crack, when I thought about my grandmother reading that, or my kids reading that … that broke my heart. Listen, I sold crack when I was growing up. I’ll own up to that. But never in my life did I ever do crack. What happened to Steve Francis? I was drinking heavily, is what happened. And that can be just as bad.”


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