Movies With Migs: Weekend Edition (Spoiler Free)

Let’s Take a Look at Some New Releases

This is my first “weekend edition” and I have 4 new flicks for a lite review. You ready?
 red sparrow
Red Sparrow. Boooooooooooo….More like Redbox Sparrow! Don’t spend more than $2 on this flick. When I say that this bored me, I’m being nice. You may not feel the same way if you watch it, but just don’t! Jennifer Lawrence gets coerced into a world of spies, and given the mission of finding a mole in her Russian agency. The story was all over the place, which I’m assuming that was written that way to throw you off, but I was never grabbed by it. After about an hour, I just wanted it to be done soon. For me, the best part of this movie was the ballerina scene. Very nice choreography. I had no intention to see this in the theater, but Atom tickets and T-Mobile had a promotion for a $4 ticket, so hey, why not! I collected some Regal points, and I’ve slugged through worse espionage films. It was almost a $4 nap though.

The trailer got me! Straight okie doked for this. I thought Gringo was going to be a silly, slapstick style movie. Something dumb to laugh at for a couple of hours. Nope nope nope!! It wasn’t dumb fun. It was terrible! Booooooooooooooo!! You may not even have a chance to skip this in the theater, because it won’t be there long. Horrible story involving corrupt executives and pharmaceuticals, and the acting is subpar. It felt like the only one that was into their role was David Oyelowo. I went to Huntsville’s uppity Touchstar Cinemas for this, so at least I got to sit in a nice recliner chair. Theater was empty too. From my quick review, you can see why!
Bonus points to Joel Edgerton, for starring in two crap movies that are out at the same time.

death wish.jpg
“How far would you go to protect your family?” I was surprised by this Death Wish remake. I was expecting this to be brutally hardcore, coming from Eli Roth. Compared to some of his other films, it was quite tame. There were a couple of scenes that made me say “dannnnnggg”. I have not seen the original Death Wish in its entirety, so I can’t do a real comparison. I know there were some similar plot points, but from what I’ve read, the only similarity between Bronson’s character and Willis’ character is the name. A by the book vigilante film, that I thought was enjoyable. A popcorn action flick. Mister Die Hard trying to cash in like these other old dudes! Nothing that will blow you away, but entertaining enough for a trip to the theater. Just do it on $5 night. I got a cool collector’s ticket for this one. Thanks Regal!

tomb raider
I enjoyed Tomb Raider. I also enjoyed the 500 extra Regal points I received for seeing it opening weekend. Is it spectacular? I say “no”. Is it a decent action romp? Indeed! So many video games don’t translate well on the big screen, but this was not bad at all. I’ve only watched one of Jolie’s Tomb Raider films, and I don’t remember much of it to compare. It’s been a while. I like Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. She got all ripped up, and her abs were looking quite delicious. From the trailer you can tell that some of the action scenes are going to be quite ridiculous, but you face those situations in the game, and it makes for a good time in the theater. Tomb Raider is a fun action adventure. I chuckled at several scenes. I really liked the last 20 minutes. Check it out!

Migs Rodriguez


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