Heavyweight Boxing Is Alive And Well

Deontay Wilder extended his undefeated record to 40-0 Saturday night after knocking out bruiser Victor “King Kong” Ortiz who was also undefeated before Saturday.


The fight started off kind of slow with both boxers feeling each other out, but quickly turned at the end of the 5th when Wilder dropped Ortiz with a shot so lightning fast that most untrained eyes needed instant replay to see it.  Ortiz recovered, and in the 7th began to wallop Wider with shots that nearly KO’d the champ. Unable the drop Wilder and obviously out of gas, Ortiz threw 54, 25, and 15 total punches respectively over the next three rounds. As Wilder recovered toward the end of the 8th, he commenced to land deadly power punches that brought the mammoth Ortiz to his knees unable to continue.  Ortiz said after the fight that, “I almost had him and I think I would’ve if there were a few more seconds in the [seventh] round,  Wilder was definitely saved by the bell. I thought I had him out on his feet. But you have to give him credit, he weathered the storm.”

Anthony Joshua

This was Wilder’s toughest opponent, and many thought he would get knocked out by Ortiz but he proved to the world that he is for real. Next up for Wilder will be English superstar Anthony Joshua that is if he can handle his business against Joseph Parker. Both fighters are undefeated. Wilder dismissed Joshua’s past success who is also heavily favored to beat Parker. Wilder said, “No one wanted to fight this guy[Ortiz], I’m ready whenever those guys are. I am the baddest man on the planet and I proved that tonight. This solidified my position at the top of the food chain tonight.”



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