Movies With Migs: Game Night and Annihilation are worth the price of admission

Game Night delivers plenty of laughs, and Annihilation makes you say “WHOA”


The trailers for both these films is what pulled me in. I saw the trailer for Game Night and thought “this looks like it will be fun”, although I was a bit surprised that it was rated r. The trailer for Annihilation was intriguing. After seeing it, I had no idea what the movie was going to be about. SOLD!!! In a time where 3 minute trailers give away lots and lots of good tidbits, I can appreciate one that makes you say “hmmmm”.


Game Night works well, largely because of the silliness of the plot. A group of friends who have regular get-togethers for trivia and other games are thrown into a murder mystery situation, but what they aren’t aware of is that this murder mystery isn’t for play. When they begin to figure things out, the laughs start. I really enjoyed the Bateman/McAdams duo. Their chemistry translates to a fun couple, and the relationship humor was on point. The other cast members have their moments as well. The situational comedy, along with some hilarious slapstick moments had me geeking a few times. There is a scene involving a dog and some bodily fluid. I won’t say anymore. Just know I was cracking up. I appreciated all the game and movie references throughout the film. I was just in that same area of Atlanta that this was shot in, so that was cool to see some of the sites I walked past on screen. If you do go see this, stay until the very end of the credits, because the film has a running joke. Good comedy. I recommend it! Game Night also got some bonus points from me for being at Huntsville’s AMC Classic already. HAHA. Not sure why, because that theater shows older films, but I wasn’t arguing paying $5.35 for a new movie.

I have not read the book that Annihilation is based off of, but the trailer, along with Alex Garland being the director, pulled me in. I’ve been impressed with his work. He wrote 28 Days later and Dredd, and I dig both of those. Dredd was super dope. I was salty that no sequel was put into the works, but I’m hoping that changes. Bring Garland back as the screenwriter, and Karl Urban back because he was a really good Dredd. Garland also directed Ex Machina, and let me say that blew me away. One word comes to mind with that movie…..HARROWING.
 Annihilation stars Padme and Poe (Star Wars reference just in case you didn’t know), so that was cool to see. This occurrence, which is named “The Shimmer”, is spreading over an area of land, causing changes to the atmosphere and life. People who enter don’t come out, and there haven’t been explanations as to why. Portman’s character and 4 other women decide to explore it together (all for various reasons), in hopes of having different results and finding out what is causing “The Shimmer”. The visuals are mind blowing. The movie shows you things that will put your head on tilt. The writing is excellent as well. As the film moves along, you have questions answered as you are formulating new questions. A slow burn, but a highly thought provoking piece of science fiction. The final act really had my eyes wide open. I’m going to see it again. Already got my ticket!

I recommend seeing both films in the theater! CHEERS!!

Migs Rodriguez      

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