Texas A&M Touts Jimbo Fisher DB Development…Jaylen Ramsey Not Having It

Ramsey on Fisher: He ‘Didn’t Teach Me Not One DB Technique’.

It’s no secret that college football programs tout their past recruits that have found NFL success to lure new recruits. But, uh, Texas A&M is reaching on this one. The Aggies program is suggesting to new recruits that new head coach Jimbo Fisher a defensive back guru that guide them to NFL riches. However, Jaylen Ramsey — who played for Fisher at Florida State and is now one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL — ain’t buying what the Aggies are selling.


Texas A&M tight ends coach Tim Brewster Tweeted a graphic Monday illustrating how seven former Florida State defensive backs — plus another who played under new A&M defensive coordinator Mike Elko at Wake Forest — have gone on to find NFL success.

Ramsey got wind of it and quickly shut down that theory…

Yeah, it’s bit of a stretch if you want to give credit to Fisher — a career offensive coach — for the complete development and ascendance of successful NFL defensive backs. However, it does hold weight that Fisher recruited said players and may know a thing or two about recruiting talent at the position. Also, it has to be more effective than listing Fisher’s long line of successful NFL quarterbacks — headlined by the likes of Jamarcus Russell, E.J. Manuel and Christian Ponder.

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