NFL To Recoup Legal Fees From Jerry Jones

The NFL and Roger Goodell are coming after Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones for millions in legal fees.

Technically, the National Football League and Roger Goodell isn’t fining Jerry Jones for “conduct detrimental to the league,”…but, basically they are.  The Dallas Cowboys owner will definitely be held accountable for “millions” of dollars, as result of his search and destroy mission last year with the NFL Commissioner.


Jones will be mandated to repay legal fees accrued by other team owners for two high-profile standoffs with the NFL.

He first went at Goodell over Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game ban for violation of the league’s personal conduct policy after domestic violence allegations arose against the All-Pro running back. Elliott appealed to three separate courts before the ban was ultimately upheld.

But Jones wasn’t done yet. He also threatened to sue other franchise owners while attempting to block negotiations for the five-year contract extension for Goodell, that was ultimately approved by owners.

“This is not about replacing Roger,” Jones stated. “It’s a misnomer to say it’s payback for Ezekiel Elliott. It is about the accountability of the commissioner to all of the ownership.”

So to say Jones is not being  “fined,” is really just semantics.

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