Movies With Migs: Black Panther is an Amazing Marvel Entry (Spoiler Free)

ALL HAIL!!! The King Has Arrived!

Marvel has given us some pretty decent origin stories. Ant-Man and Captain America: The First Avenger were dope. Iron Man rocked out as well. I really enjoyed those movies. Enter T’Challa!!! Man oh man. Marvel’s first black character finally getting his own film is historic on its own merit, but the movie literally blew me away! I’ve already seen Black Panther three times, in two different states. Now I’ll have to strike the first viewing from the record, because I didn’t get to be fully immersed into the film. The presentation was regular format, which I don’t recommend at all. Don’t do your eyes that disservice. Lots of talking throughout the film, and people pulling their phones out left and right. STOP THAT!!!!!!! Sorry for raising my voice. I get a little irked by people who don’t take others into consideration at the theater. Second viewing was in Dolby Presentation, which was wonderful. If you are ever in or around Bethlehem, Georgia, please visit AMC Bethlehem 12 and see a movie inside “The Big D” (or check to see where other Big D formats are). The clarity, the large screen, the nice cushioned seats, and that excellent sound system. When those drums hit, you feel it!! My third viewing was THEE best. IMAX style!! I highly recommend seeing Black Panther in IMAX presentation. Majestic isn’t even the word in IMAX format. I saw quite a few things I missed when I watched it before. The colors and the crisp CGI are beautiful. There are scenes where the cast looked like they were coming out the screen. The way Wakanda was portrayed was spot on excellence. Looked just like Wakanda in the comic books.

I really enjoyed Black Panther for the depth of the story, and it was character driven. Boseman stole the show as T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War, and he does it better in this film. All of the cast did a really awesome job of bringing their respective characters to life, but I must stop and praise Danai Gurira for her role as General Okoye. SHE SHUT IT DOWN!!!! You want to talk about representing perfectly. Gurira does that beautifully. I marked out silently during the film two times because of her. I wanted to yell out, but I’ll save my yells for home viewing. Black Panther also features a villain (yes Killmonger is a villain…I’ve read articles and comments arguing that he isn’t….WHAT??) that isn’t throwaway. I do understand why people are identifying with him though. Michael B. Jordan definitely puts on a show. So many themes were explored in this movie as well. Themes of tradition vs new thinking, the evils of slavery, colonization and its effects, opening closed borders, the differences of black Americans and black Africans, and so much more. I very much enjoyed seeing content from various Black Panther comics and runs being explored on the big screen. I had a couple of gripes with the story, but nothing I need to mention here. I can see myself going to see it in the theater one more time!

The level of production is outer space!! Goodness all the set pieces, the costume designs, and the homage to African tribes and their customs. The production team better win ALL the Oscars! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! Shuri’s lab for example. DOPENESS!!! The chambers of the leader of the Jabari tribe…..DOPENESS!!!! I watched a short feature where Ryan Coogler (the director) talks about what went into the South Korea casino scene, and it’s just wonderful how they capture so much culture, and you don’t even realize it. It was great to see black people from all over the world being a part of this film, whether it was in front of the camera or behind it. Black Panther is a marvelous achievement indeed. Shattering records and raking in that dough!! If you haven’t watched Black Panther, make plans to do so. Please please please go see it at IMAX. You won’t be disappointed. It’s worth it! Wakanda Forever!

Migs Rodriguez





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