7 Prospects Who Will Disappoint At The NFL Combine

Here are 7 prospects we feel will deliver disappointing performances at the 2018 NFL Combine.

Fair or not, there are few things that can trash an NFL draft prospect’s stock like a horrible showing at the NFL Scouting Combine. First round prospects can become second day fallers in an instant. Late round sleepers can be reconsidered undraftable with a bad combine performance. While the vast majority of front offices understand that game film is king, there are always those that apply too much weight to combine numbers. Whether or not this happens, we feel the following players will have a disappointing showing at the Annual Underwear Olympics.

Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn


While Johnson had a terrific season for Auburn, it’s clear on tape he’s not an overly explosive back. He’s a one-speed runner who doesn’t have the skill-set desired to shine on the Combine stage. Also, with his long legs and upright style, he may not perform well on the agility drills either.

James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State

james washington

Washington is one of the better deep threats available in the 2018 NFL Draft and was part of one of the most explosive offenses in college football. However, after measuring in at a disappointing 5’10” at the Senior Bowl, Washington needs to compensate by posting solid speed and agility numbers at the Combine. I don’t think he’ll be explosive enough to negate those height concerns in Indy.

Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma


Andrews was essentially an oversized wideout at Oklahoma…even at 255 lbs. Not sure if he’ll put up good enough numbers to validate being so one-dimensional. Some team will have to trust that he can develop as a blocker, given his size and body type.

Marcus Davenport, EDGE, Texas-San Antonio

FBC UTSA Practice 7

Davenport is — wait for it — raw, as a football player. He’s a natural pass rusher and got by on those natural tools versus a lower level of competition in college. For as much potential as he may have, I think his athletic traits are being a bit overblown at this point. He’ll put up solid speed, agility and explosion numbers, but nowhere near the level he’s being hyped.

Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Evans game. But, he’s not in the athletic class of some of the linebackers he’s being compared to. I expect a solid Combine performance from Evans, but nothing that will vault into top-15 pick category.

Kameron Kelly, CB/S, San Diego State


Kelly is a bit of a walking conundrum. If you’re thinking he’s a safety on the NFL level — which he was during his first three seasons in college — he’s likely to test above average. But, for the folks thinking he’s a big cornerback on Sundays — as he was in his final year of college — he’ll be a big let down at the Combine. Kelly is a bit stiff and high-cut to be a prime performer at the Combine.

Marcus Allen, S, Penn State

Penn State Football Practice

Allen was a flat out stud for the Penn State defense in 2017, so this is not an indictment on his game. But, by no means is he the type of athlete — in today’s NFL — that will warrant first round consideration. As good as he is, Allen is an in-the-box safety with limited range and coverage versatility, and his Combine numbers will bear that out.




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