Josh McDaniels Dropped By Agent After Colts Snub

A lot can change in 24 hours, and the Indianapolis Colts have gone from having their future head coach, to having an uncertain future all within 24 hours.


McDaniels’ agent Bob LaMonte, terminated his relationship with him after getting the call saying that he was not going to take the job. “My word is my bond,” LaMonte said in an interview, “Once you break that, there’s nothing left.” LaMonte told McDaniels that he was committing “professional suicide” after getting the call from the coordinator telling him that he was staying in New England.

McDaniels was convinced to stay by Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft who promised to help groom him for a coaching job by including him roster construction and salary-cap management which McDaniels viewed as extremely valuable. McDaniels was also promised a long extension which would give the coach the ability to keep his 4 young children in the same school system for many years which is rare for any coach in professional sports.

He has burned many bridges with this move, including other coaches who have already turned in their resignations thinking they would be accompanying him in Indianapolis. The NFL is a very small world and this is a huge gamble, for if this move does not work out, then McDaniels will most likely be out of the league, probably coaching at a college as a  coordinator fighting to rebuild his name.  If it does work out, and McDaniels is able to replace Belichick, find Brady’s successor, and continue winning, then this will be seen as just another shrewd business move by a man that was willing to step on whoever was in the way in order to win.  Only time will tell.



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