Movies With Migs: The Commuter Gets Derailed by Silliness (Spoiler Free)

Liam Neeson is back…this time in “The Commuter”.

Do you like what I did there? “DERAILED”……AAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Word play, word play!! Cheap puns baby!!!! Don’t mind me. I’m still feeling a bit jovial after seeing this flick. So if you saw the movie Non-Stop, then think that, on a train, and similarly ridiculous!

Review over!!

I think the director, Jaume Collet-Serra, and Neeson need to take a break from each other! They have done several movies together, it always seems like Neeson is playing the same person, in a movie that ends up making you say “MAN CMONNN”!! It’s popcorn fun though. Dumb popcorn fun. I can appreciate that aspect of it. Plus I am a AMC Stubbs premiere member, so I’ll take those points and a free drink! I did enjoy how The Commuter starts off. The mystery of Vera Farmiga’s character is interesting, and she presents a situation that would probably put a lot of people in a tough spot. Would you accept a task for a large amount of money, but you didn’t know what the task was until you accepted the money? And if you do take the payout, you can’t back out, or else.
What would you do for a Klondike bar, or 100K?

I liked seeing this mystery unfold. Neeson’s choices led to situations that push the plot along, but then something happened and the story just descends into comedy. It’s hilariously bad in my opinion. Remember that scene in Lego Batman where he is watching the Tom Cruise movie and cracks up? I had to stop myself from doing that for one scene in particular (the theater wasn’t empty).  I was sitting in the theater chuckling, pretty much the same way I did watching the climax of Non-Stop. The last 30 minutes of The Commuter went all over the place. I get what the story was going for, but it felt very reachy (so that isn’t a word, but so what) in its execution. Would I buy this on dvd? Nah. Would I watch it again on TNT? Sure! If you must see this in the theater, hit that matinee or see if your local theater does $5 movie days. Hurry though, because The Commuter probably won’t be around too much longer. There was only 3 showings at the theater I went to.

SN:I am currently in Alabama for a work, so I visited Valley Bend in Huntsville for the first time, to see this. It use to be a Carmike, but now it’s an AMC. I get a bit giddy visiting new theaters. This one was very nice on the inside. Lots of cool movie posters all around, including a huge poster of Black Panther. The 15th of this month is going to be great! Did you get your tickets yet? I AM READY!!




Migs Rodriguez


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