Movies with Migs: 2016 Cinematic Review

Let’s take a look back as I dive into my 2016 Movie Report.

Another fun year of movies. I think I saw close to 60 films, got to visit a couple of new theaters, won a couple of contests, and had some fun group outings. Let’s start with my top ten:


1) Zootopia: Wow. Just wow. Flawless execution from start to finish. The messages, the animation, the timeliness. This is one of many Disney films that made my list. I love this movie.

2) Queen of Katwe: This movie brought tears to my eyes. Emotionally touching and highly inspiring. Slept on big time, which is a shame, but I’ll be watching this quite a bit. The acting was top notch, and Phiona Mutesi’s story will hit your heart. Bravo Disney!

3) Deadpool: This movie proves you can take a basic revenge plot, and turn it into a blockbuster when you are true to source material. Spot on Deadpool, the added bonus of a much better Colossus, and all the shade towards other Marvel films.

4) Jungle Book: Disney has been on fire with their live action adaptation, so move over Cinderella! The story is familiar, but those visuals were breathtaking. IMAX blew me away. How can you not like this movie?

5) Eye in the Sky: Well crafted, well-acted, and highly relevant. The horrors and immorality of drone warfare, seen from various lines of the command chain, makes for an excellent thriller. RIP to Alan Rickman. Good to see him in a role before he passed.

6) Star Trek Beyond: FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!! I loved this one. Probably my favorite of the reboot. I saw this in IMAX and I was in awe. They really did a great job with the CGI. RIP Anton Yelchin

7) Rogue One: This was a dope entry in the Star Wars saga. I enjoyed the new characters, and seeing how it all played out. Good action flick. Looking forward to more from the expanded universe. Three words: DARTH FREAKING VADER!

8) Don’t Breathe: One hell of a thriller. My heart was racing watching this movie. Tense isn’t even the word. Just go ahead and give the Oscar for best actor to the dog. I’m not kidding!

9) Finding Dory: Another fun flick from Disney. Great animation mixed with humor for everyone. Gotta keep on swimming!

10) Arrival: A sci-fi thriller that made me say “WHOA”. This was well written, and the performances were on point. Very deep. I’m glad I saw this in the theater.

Good but not top 10: Green Room, Birth of a Nation, Conjuring 2, Secret Life of Pets, Sing, La La Land, Shin Godzilla, Hush, Barbershop 3, Dr. Strange, Civil War, Boy and The Beast, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Sully

Surprised me (in a good way): Shallows, Keanu, Bad Moms, Why Him, Lights Out, Kicks, The Witch

Meh: Jason Bourne, X-Men, Suicide Squad, Hardcore Henry, Pride Prejudice and Zombies, Popstar, Magnificent 7, Edge of 17, BvS (I wrote this 2 years ago, so I have to say that this one has since grown on me….can’t lie)

Trash: Blair Witch, Morgan, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Meet The Blacks

I still have about 7 movies from this year I’d like to see. Hopefully I’ll still catch them in the theater. Special shout out to Brandon Lescure and Mike Finazzo for dropping films this year. Congrats gents. I hope to see more work from each of you!


Migs Rodriguez


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