Movies With Migs: 2015 Cinematic Review

2015 Movie Madness  Review

Going to start with the top 10…HERE WE GO!!


1. Inside Out: WOW. Just wow. Not only my fav of the year, but one of the best I’ve seen. Innovative, imaginative, and chokes me up every time I watch it. BRAVO DISNEY….BRAVO
2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: An awesome homage, and a great way to open the door to an expanded universe. I went to see this at 2am in Darth Vader pajamas. Nuff said
3. Creed: Another awesome homage to a series most people love. Wasn’t feeling the infidelity aspect of Jordan’s character, but other than that, solid. Jordan and Stallone are great together.
4. Mad Max: Goodness gracious what an action movie! Pure rush from beginning to end. Put it right up there with The Raid: Redemption. Had me pumped! I’ll be revisiting this one a lot. Furiousa, I love you!
5. Cinderella: Probably the best live action adaption of a book I’ve seen in a while. Pure fantasy coming to life. Those costumes and the sets blew me away. The acting was on point as well.
6. Spy: Great spoof of the genre. Funny as hell, with Jason Statham stealing the whole movie! Didn’t see that coming!
7. Sicario: Tight, tense thriller. No cgi, no bullshit script. Blunt was great as an agent in way over her head, and Del Toro was a beast. Looking forward to watching this one again.
8. M:I Rouge Nation: These keep getting better and better, so keep em coming until they suck! Let’s change the plot though. Part 2 is the only one where Hunt isn’t a fugitive from his own agency.
9. Straight Outta Compton: While I’m not a huge fan of NWA, I can appreciate their involvement in hip hop, and how they shaped the industry. The “Bye Felicia” moment was classic.
10. The Martian: Those special effects…..AMAZING. Plus I got to screen this early for free.

Movies that flew under the radar, but worth watching: Killers, Dope, The Gift, Bridge of Spies, Ex Machina, Black Panthers: Vanguards of the Revolution, Antman

Awesomely Bad: Taken 3, Jupiter Ascending, Paul Blart 2, Pixels, Run All Night

Shit List: Blackhat, Tomorrowland, Terminator Genisys, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Gunman, Superfast, Fantastic Four

Let Downs: Spectre, Age of Ultron

Good but no top 10: Man from UNCLE, Goosebumps, Jurassic World, Ted 2, Minions, Kingsman, Furious 7


Migs Rodriguez


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