Lebron To The Warriors?

An ESPN report that came out Wednesday night said that NBA superstar Lebron James would consider signing with the Warriors in the offseason if they were willing to make room for him and his max contract demands.


The Warriors have about $135 million tied up in payroll and would have to do a sign and trade in order to make it work. If they packaged Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala’s salaries in exchange for James, the numbers could work, but Golden State has shown no interest as of yet to participate in such a deal.


When asked about James’s comments Kevin Durant called them “bullshit” also saying, “As a pure basketball player, as a pure fan of the game, at this point, it’s pretty sickening.” These comments are kind of confusing seeing as how Durant did the same thing just a little over a year ago but our memories are getting worse by the minute these days and anything older than a week has become ancient history in this new twitter age.

By even saying he would listen to such an offer says more about Lebron than anything.  Teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami was one thing, but the Heat were getting bounced out the playoffs in the first round by the Atlanta Hawks the year before Lebron got there. After he arrived they were in the finals every year. A Golden State move would be a total bandwagon jump in a league that already struggles with parity.

It may be unlikely but the Warriors’ higher ups would be foolish to not look at the possibility of bringing James aboard. Whatever happens, a few things are certain, its not looking like Lebron will be playing at discount to win a ring next year, and where ever he plays, he wants to have some other stars on the roster to help carry the load.


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