Movies With Migs:2017 Cinematic Review

2017 Movie Review

Another year of cinema has come to an end. I went to some fun events with family and friends, new theaters in different states, and I got to see some classics in the theater. As always, let’s jump right into my top ten picks.

1) Hidden Figures: This movie was released on a limited scale late in 2016, but I didn’t get to see it in the theater until early January, 2017. So that’s the why if you are reading this and wondering. Technicality, but I can overlook that. I really enjoyed the acting put on by Henson, Spencer, and Monae. I could feel the sense of purpose in their portrayals. The movie also managed to piss me off, because these women were omitted in real life, up until a few years ago (Thanks Obama). The movie is PG, so the harsh and disgusting treatment had to be watered down. And I wasn’t too keen on Costner’s character. In real life, the man he played broke new ground, but they make it seem like he didn’t know and understand the racism that was rampant in NASA. It speaks volumes on various fronts. The amount of emotion this movie elicits from me puts it in my top spot. Great film!! I learned a lot, and my eyes continue to be opened.

2) Lego Batman: I love the heck outta this one. Everything was on point and hilarious. Jeanna (my boo) and I watch this again and again, and manage to find something new to laugh at. The jabs at the various Batmen, THE JOKER (namaste), the well placed jokes, and all the Warner Bros tidbits. LOVE IT!

3) War For the Planet of the Apes: I watched this at a special event where they showed the trilogy in a 7 hour span. MAN OH MAN….GREATNESS!!!! The finale is spectacular. The story, the effects, the symbolism, the messages. WOW!!! This reboot has been fantastic all the way through. Rise was really good, Dawn blew me away (and I shed some tears), and War had me stuck. BRAVO!

4) Girls Trip: I screened this movie twice, then saw it again with some friends. Each time, the whole theater (including myself) was cracking up. All the ladies are lovely, and they banged out. It was great to see Queen and Jada back together again. Fun time in the theater.

5) Wonder Woman: The story….seen it before, but the execution was good for the most part, although the villain was a bit meh. I like Patty Jenkins’ direction. They should have let her direct Justice League (hindsight). What propels this flick is Gadot’s dedication to the character. She is amazing as Diana, and has been since we got a taste in BvS. I dig her performance, and her passion she puts into it. Been a long time coming.

6) Step: The struggles are real. The triumphs are too. The stories of these young women from Baltimore doing what they love and working hard to make a better life for themselves are beautiful. This one made me cry. I was salty I didn’t get to see this in the theater. Didn’t stay there that long (I could tell you a couple reasons why), but I snagged the dvd asap. I highly recommend this one.

7) The Last Jedi: Star Wars movies will always be an experience for me, and this one was no different. Went with fam to a fan event, saw it in DOLBY format twice (awesome), and went out with my momma to see it again. I also got to view this movie at the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Let me just say that the experience was worth all the money I have spent seeing this multiple times. The First Order is badass in this. Relentless in their pursuit of domination. Did I want more from certain characters? Yes yes yes yes! More Luke! More Chewie!!! I was hoping to see a few things that didn’t happen, but I dug The Last Jedi. That lightspeed scene was cinematic glory. Kylo Ren in this one….BEAST!! I have collected some very cool movie goodies as well. Take all my money!!!

8 ) A Monster Calls: The emotional depth of this film was wow. FEELINGS…..ALL THE FEELINGS!!! And we got to see how Groot should look (snark snark snark).

9) Coco: Disney Pixar continues to have hits every year. This did not disappoint. The visuals are breathtaking, and the story keeps you engaged. There is a very strong lesson about the dangers of celebrity idolization as well. Although some themes and elements may be a bit much for smaller kids, this is a fun family flick.

10) I Am Not Your Negro: I am familiar with some of Baldwin’s work/talks, and the subject matter of the film, but to see and hear responses when I watched this at The Charles (Indie theater in Baltimore. It’s worth a visit)……very very interesting. If you haven’t seen this, please check it out. It’s quite harrowing and eye opening.

Not top picks, but recommended: The Disaster Artist, Thor: Ragnarok, The Founder, Logan, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Blade Runner 2049

Pleasant Surprises: Life, Snatched, Happy Death Day, Marshall, Anabelle, Molly’s Game, Get Out, The Sitter

Meh: Power Rangers, Snowman (MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH), It, Good Times, Justice League (dammit man), Rock Dog, The Shape of Water, The Foreigner, Ghost in a Shell

Thanks for tuning in! CHEERS!



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