Movies With Migs: Den of Thieves is Unseasoned Chicken (Spoiler Free)

Let’s take a look at the new action film Den Of Thieves.

I am a huge fan of the action genre. It’s one of my favorite genres by far. I especially love ole skool style, and by that I mean practical effects, little to no cgi, and an endless amount of bullets (usually no reloading either)! So when I saw the trailer for Den of Thieves, I thought to myself “it looks like a basic popcorn flick, but I’m in”.

Two words……Unseasoned chicken!! You ever been forced to eat a plate of unseasoned chicken wings for almost 2 hours? I’m sure the thought of it just makes you say “bllleeeeehhhhh”. Well thats EXACTLY how this movie made me feel. The title is clichè, but I was not expecting most of the movie to bore me out. Nothing about it stood out or grabbed me. The characters were also taken from every other heist/bank robbery film that has come out before it. If you watch it, you can tell that the writers and director tried too hard to be like Heat (Classic Michael Mann), but the payoff wasn’t the same. Hell, there was no payoff for me. I found myself dozing as this movie dragged and dragged. I’m getting sleepy thinking about it. I will say that I did get a few servings of “seasoned fries”, in the form of a couple of decent action sequences. Doesn’t change the sucky chicken though! By the time it was over, I sat there for a few seconds with the “that’s it” face. By the time I got home, I didn’t even care. I was just glad I got Regal points for my ticket.

As a reviewer, I will never say “don’t watch this movie”. Every movie deserves at least one viewing (in my book), and after all, opinions are subjective. I like to read other reviews after I see a film, just for compare and contrast purposes, and I enjoy reading. I will say that this movie can wait until it’s at Redbox. You aren’t missing anything. Save yourself that 10 bucks, and don’t spend more than 2 bucks on this one. Cheers!

Migs Rodriguez


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