The XFL Is Back!

Vince McMahon has announced that the XFL will return in 2020.

vinceWorld Wrestling Entertainment founder Vince McMahon has announced that he has definitive plans to bring back the XFL. The announcement was made via news conference — streamed live on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube — and revealed that WWE’s new entity, Alpha Entertainment will control the new XFL.


McMahon cited several reasons for his desire to bring back another professional football league. Fewer commercial breaks, fan focus and the elimination of halftime were all mentioned as possibilities — stating that a 2-hour time frame for games would be ideal. McMahon also mentioned the need to make the games available across multiple media / technology platforms.

The new XFL will consist of eight teams with a 10-game schedule.

McMahon was asked if Donald Trump would give his sign-off or lend his support for the new league. He responded that “we’re here to play football, not be involved in politics or social issues”.

While he stated that the league’s seasons will start around February, McMahon acknowledges that there has been no decision, yet, on which cities or stadiums will hold the league’s eight teams.

The original XFL, launched in 2001, was a colossal failure for multiple reasons. Most of the issues arose due to short-sighted decisions — both on and off the field. It lasted only one season. McMahon seems steadfast in his stance that the new XFL will be gimmick-free and focus on player discipline.

So, it remains to be seen if we see the second coming of “HE HATE ME” along with the XFL’s return.


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