Falcons Dropped Food Prices And Made More Money In 2017

How ’bout that! The Atlanta Falcons decided to lower concession prices in 2017…and fans actually spent more on food.

One of the biggest and most consistent fan complaints of attending a game of their favorite teams are the prices they pay at the stadium. The Atlanta Falcons listened and slashed prices in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in 2017.


Hopefully other franchises take note. Atlanta Falcons and United owner Arthur Blank, whose group announced Thursday that, in spite of substantially dropping food and beverage prices to the lowest in all of major professional American sports, fans actually spent more.

Steve Cannon, CEO of Blank’s holding company, the AMB Group, stated that although food and beverage prices were 50 percent cheaper in their new home than they were in the Georgia Dome, fans doled 16 percent more in concessions.

“There’s a huge value in delighting your fan base, to make them as happy as they could possibly be,” said Cannon. “We started with one of the biggest pain points and it paid off.”

To go along with the opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the AMB Group revealed its “Fan First Menu Pricing”. $2 get you Unlimited Coca-Cola,or a bottled water, popcorn, a hot dog or a pretzel. For just $3 each, you get a pizza slice, waffle fries, or nachos with cheese. The price includes tax, as not exchanging change helps to speed the service of transactions.


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