Kodak Black Back In Jail Again This Time Facing Serious Time

An Instagram video shot in the rapper’s house led to the raid where people in the video were seen with guns and drugs in the presence of a toddler.


Deputies from the gang unit along with the Florida probation and parole office found 95 grams of marijuana and a 9mm Beretta handgun inside his home. The handgun had been reported stolen. Black was already on house arrest and felony probation for robbery and five counts of false imprisonment.

Kodak’s lawyer Brad Cohen said the firearm was found in a house shared with at least six other adults and the ammunition was found in a safe shared with at least two other adults. No one else was arrested that at the time of the raid even though there were several other people present. Broward Judge Joel Lazarus denied bond for Black.

Kodak whose real name is Dieuson Octave, will most likely be headed to prison for a long time as his numerous run ins with the law will surely be taken into account when his trial comes around.

Footage from the raid can been seen here.


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