Former NFL Players Come Together For Pro-Cannabis Commercial

Several ex-NFL players took part in a kind-of-real commercial to promote medicinal marijuana, taking a shot at Roger Goodell in the process.

The Netflix original series Disjointed is well-known for inserting hilarious, pseudo-commercials to create breaks in the action and create a more dynamic viewing experience. During part two of season one, the show recruited a few former NFL players to appear in a pro-cannabis PSA. Included in the fictitious spot are Jim McMahon, Mark Restelli, Ricky Williams, Eben Britton, Boo Williams, Kyle Turley, and Chris Kluwe. The commercial combines key names in the real-life Gridiron Cannabis Coalition with not-so-subtle humor of the show’s writers to create a minute-long, really funny ad.

The group, of course, takes a jab at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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