Big Baller Brand Receives “F” From Better Business Bureau

The BBB has given BBB a failing grade due to numerous customer service issues.

bbbThe Better Business Bureau, the non-profit agency that assists consumers in settling disputes with companies and warns about potential business practices, has issued a failing grade to Big Baller Brand due to interactions with its customers.

“BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints,” the organization said on its website’s alert and actions section. “Specifically, customer complaints allege that after placing an order they experience a delay of weeks or even months to receive their order. Some consumers are also alleging receiving the incorrect item(s) or not receiving item(s) at all.

“Consumers are also alleging poor customer service as company does not provide a phone number where consumers can contact them and when emailing the company consumers receive a generic email in response or no response at all. On November 8, 2017 BBB notified the business of our concerns and requested their voluntary cooperation in eliminating the pattern of consumer complaints. As of today, the business has not responded to our request.”

TMZ first noted Big Baller Brand’s issues with the Better Business Bureau.

In all, there have been 32 complaints filed with the Bureau regarding Big Baller Brand. Of the 32 complaints the company have not responded to 12 and another 5 they have failed to resolve. Ten complaints have been resolved to customer satisfaction.

Chief amongst the complaints were issues regarding delivery and orders being incorrect upon receipt.

“I placed an order of two clothing items on November 1, 2017, I received an order on Nov. 20, one of the items was incorrect, I emailed customer service to advise them of their mistake and asked them to send the correct item and I would return the incorrect item if they provided a postage paid return…label,” one consumer noted. “They responded saying they are sorry to hear about the incorrect item that I ordered (placing blame on me) I responded it was not my incorrect order and I expected them to ship correct item as well as a paid postage return label for me to return the incorrect item. They responded and asked that I send a photo of the item I originally ordered so they can check!!!??? On November 24, I sent them my online invoice along with a very frustrated message. I have not heard back from this company to date. On November 30, I sent one last, short message to them before contacting you. I have saved all of my communications with them if needed.”

Yet another complaint claimed that a sweatshirt was ordered in October and had not been delivered as of late December.

“I purchased a sweatshirt on 10/9/17- Order #*****, I received confirmation of the shipping on 10/26/17- the tracking number shows it is still in “pre-delivery stage” (meaning it has not left the warehouse). Sent my first email to them on 11/15/17 and received a generic response blaming USPS (they said they would get right back to me after researching), again emailed on 11/19/17 and received the same response, then again on 11/27/17 and received the same exact response,” they wrote.


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