7 Most Intriguing Super Bowl LII Matchups

With the NFL playoffs set to begin, we take a look at the most intriguing potential Super Bowl LII matchups.

Steelers vs Rams


Simply for the potential of an offensive explosion, is a Steelers vs Rams Super Bowl so intriguing. With Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown heading a dangerous Pittsburgh offense and Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and Robert Woods leading the way for L.A., the scoreboard could really light up. Thus, creating a very fan-friendly finale.

Bills vs Vikings


There are fan bases across the world of sports that deserve to witness their respective teams win a championship. Right at the top of that list are those of the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings. Neither franchise has ever won the big game. The Bills are in the playoffs for the first time in 18 years. And who can forget those 4 consecutive Super Bowl loses in the 1990s? As for the Vikings, they’ve been so close a few times as well; the last Super Bowl appearance coming way back in 1977 (Super Bowl XI).

Jaguars vs Panthers


The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Carolina Panthers entered the NFL together, in 1995, as the league expanded to 30 teams. Since that time, neither team has brought home a title — although the Panthers have played in two Super Bowls. It would be fun to see these two, forever-linked, franchises square off for all the marbles.

Patriots vs Saints


Two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history — Tom Brady and Drew Brees — have been around for nearly two decades and have never faced off in the big game. This may be the last realistic chance for us to see both of these legends have a serious shot at the same time. Really, it would be like watching two chess masters battle it out on the big stage.

Steelers vs Eagles


It’s rare that there is a legitimate chance for two teams from the same state to compete against one another in a Super Bowl. Steelers and Eagles fans are two of the most loyal fan bases in football. To have that type of energy and hype build up for two weeks pinging from one state would be enormous. Plus, I have a few close friends who are Eagles’ fans, so it would be selfishly fulfilling.

Chiefs vs Eagles

Texans vs. Chiefs

The Andy Reid Bowl, ladies and gentlemen! Storylines are abundant. The current head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs held the same title in Philly from 1999-2012. He’s the winningest coach in Eagles’ franchise history. Current Eagles’ head coach Doug Pedersen was Reid’s offensive coordinator in Kansas City and his former QB in Philly.

Patriots vs Falcons


Want to make a Falcons’ fan shiver with chills? Shout out the simple, seemingly benign phrase “28-3”. After blowing that substantial lead in last year’s title game, giving New England another ring¬† while doing so. Nothing would make Atlanta fans feel justified more than the chance to redeem that heartbreaking defeat. However, nothing would satisfy the Patriots more than winning a sixth Super Bowl while crushing the dreams of Atlanta in the process.


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