Netflix Announces “Bright” Sequel

Netflix took to Twitter to officially announce there will be a sequel to the hit fantasy film “Bright”.

The Netflix original film Brightstarring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, will have a second installment.

While there is no official release date or any plot details as of yet, all signs point to Smith and Edgerton reprising their roles from the original. Also, David Ayer will return as director and writer of the sequel.

The $90 million budget action/fantasy/thriller is the internationally most streamed movie on Netflix. Bright, realesed on December 22, received 11 million streams in its initial three days, setting a new record for most views during an opening week for a Netflix original film.

Despite being a hit with fans, critics were widely negative on the film. The movie is set in present-day Los Angeles depicting humans, orcs and elves as the co-existing races in society. The film serves as social commentary with Smith (a human) and Edgerton (an orc) playing cops who set out to battle enemies and save the world while keeping a magic wand out the wrong hands.


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