Barkley Clowns GOP Tax Bill

Charles Barkley is an acquired taste to say the least. And like many things, the more birthdays I have, the more things — like Barkley’s opinions — come off of my “wack list” to my “you ain’t that bad list”.

What I have begun to like most about Charles is his consistency in one specific area – telling the truth as he sees it – usually with a little humor.

His latest “truth” was his opinions on the new $1.5 trillion tax overhaul bill recently passed by President Trump and the Republicans. The tax plan that slashes rates for top earners and corporations.

During the Christmas broadcast of the Lakers – Timberwolves game, in between him and Shaq’s constant observation that today’s big men prefer to shoot threes, Barkley clowned the GOP tax bill.

At one point, Barkley said. “All these poor people can keep waiting for this trickle down. They’ve been waiting for like 400 years and it ain’t trickled down yet.”

Barkley is not alone, as many believe corporations are going to use the tax breaks to make CEOs wealthier and not help their workers.

Many also have suggested that similar to past tax cuts, the cuts will balloon the national debt – close to $1.5 trillion to the national debt without a new source of revenue.

Even President Trump agrees. According to CSB News, Trump reportedly told a group of his friends at a resort on Friday. “You all just got a lot richer.”

Watch below from earlier this month as Barkley thanks Republicans for taking care of “us rich people, us one percenters” and informing lower income brackets they “ain’t got no chance.”


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