Joe Budden No Longer With “Everyday Struggle”

Complex’s very popular Hip Hop show Everyday Struggle is now dealing with the absence of its most popular draw, Joe Budden.

Fans of one of Hip Hop’s most culturally relevant shows are surprised with the fact that Joe Budden has decided to part ways with Everyday Stuggle. Citing the end of his contract — among other reasons — Budden sounded off on Twitter.

DJ Whoo Kid filled in for Budden and let it be known that he was merely a temporary fill-in for the show’s most popular host.

Further tweets from Budden suggested that the split comes down to simple finances. He noted the cultural relevance of the show and seems to feel the compensation received didn’t jive with the contributions he was making.

If things can’t be worked out between Complex and Budden, this may spell doom for the show, as Budden has become its face and the reason many of Everyday Stuggle’s fans tuned in regularly.

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