Yankees reportedly acquire Stanton

If you were still wondering, the Yankees are OFFICIALLY back in business! Giancarlo Stanton on the Yankees – go ahead and hate if you want to.

The Marlins were desperately trying to get from under Stanton’s $295 million contract. The Yankees jacked them!

Talk about the rich getting richer. And on the low-low too because I heard they did not give up essential prospects. If the reports of “only” surrendering Starlin Castro and getting the Marlins to assume over $30 million of the $295 million left on the Stanton’s deal, Yankees really hit a home run.

Personally, I was enjoying be able to remind people that the 2017 Yanks were being successful due to young cheap talent and several shrewd trades. Now, with the mega-salary Stanton it will be hard to make that argument.

I am cool with that.

Stanton and the nucleus the Yanks have assembled puts them in the top echelon of lineups in the American League. I could see a 2018 Yankees lineup that hits Judge, DiDI, Stanton, and Sanchez 2-3-4-5. WHOA!

Stanton and Aaron Judge are the two hardest hitters in the league.  The prospect of seeing them hitting rockets in Yankee Stadium definitely will please most Yankees fans.

They still have some moves to make. They have way too many outfielders and could use another starting pitcher. But coupling this with our new manager Yankees fans are very pleased.

Happy Holidays Yankees fans.

PS Thanks Derek Jeter. One last big-play for your old team.

#Salute   #4EverElCapitan


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