Officer Who Killed Arizona Man As He sobbed and begged for his life Acquitted Of Murder

Daniel Shaver, an Arizona man was shot and killed by Philip “Mitch” Brailsford, after Brailsford responded to a January 2016 call about a man allegedly pointing a rifle out of a fifth-floor window at a La Quinta Inn. 



Daniel Shaver laying dead on the left; Philip “Mitch” Brailsford on the right

Shaver, 26, had been doing rum shots with a woman he had met earlier that while showing off a pellet gun he used in his job in pest control.  When Brailsford and other officers arrived they went to Shaver’s room and ordered him and his guest to come out.  Brailsford immediately began threatening to kill Shaver and his guest.

“If you make a mistake, another mistake, there is a very severe possibility that you’re both going to get shot. Do you understand?” an unidentified officer yells before telling Shaver to “shut up.” “I’m not here to be tactical and diplomatic with you. You listen. You obey,” the officer says.  “If you move, we’re going to consider that a threat and we are going to deal with it and you may not survive it,” the officer said.

After having the woman crawl towards them, the officer then directs his full attention to Shaver. Brailsford’s AR-15 had the phrase “You’re Fucked” etched into the weapon but that information along with the fact he was fired from the police department after the shooting was withheld from the jury.

Brailsford testified that he thought Shaver was reaching for a gun and feared for his life. He also said that he would do the exact same thing if he had to do it again.  No gun was found on Shaver’s body. The police report stated that so many shots were fired that that in real speed they were impossible to count.

Shaver’s widow has promised to sue the Mesa police department.  See the video below.

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