Episode 40: Bud Bottles & Big Ballers

In episode 40 of The Defy Life Podcast, the guys discuss the impact of Steph Curry’s injury, the CFB playoffs, the craziness that is Sophia the robot and more!

Hosts: J.R. Glymph, Keyonne Small, Alvin Glymph


  • NFL: Sorting through the playoff picture.
  • NFL: Who are the top head coaching candidates?
  • NBA: Did Malcolm Jenkins sellout the movement started by Colin Kaepernick?
  • CFB: Did the playoff committee get it right?
  • CFB: Looking at coaching candidates for Florida State.
  • NBA: What win/loss impact does Steph Curry’s ankle injury have?
  • QOTD: Potential and dangers of Sophia the A.I. robot.
  • Trivia: Alvin defends his trivia title!

Sponsored by: Bud Bottles


Also available on: SpreakeriTunes , Google Play Music and Blubrry

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