LL Cool J Completes Harvard Business School Course

Hip Hop legend LL Cool J has finished a Harvard program in Business of Entertainment, Media & Sports.

Hip Hop legend LL Cool J revealed via Instagram that he has finished The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports program at Harvard Business School.

Per Harvard’s official website, the program is detailed below:

“In the business of entertainment, digital technologies are dramatically disrupting how products are developed and managed and how talent connects with audiences. Entertainment executives are challenged to effectively allocate limited resources—both human and financial—across a seemingly infinite array of opportunities. In this entertainment management course, you will acquire proven approaches for launching and managing creative products and portfolios, managing and marketing talent, assessing and determining when to make smaller versus blockbuster bets, identifying and capitalizing on market disruptions, and other strategic challenges.”

Cool J, whose real name is James Todd Smith, may have elected for the noted three-day, 10k course to prepare for his upcoming classic Hip Hop channel launch on SiriusXM, “Rock The Bells Radio.” The channel will feature a broad spectrum of classic Hip Hop music, interviews and content, as well as personal insights from the iconic MC. The show will provide a format for Hip Hop legends to freely and comfortably offer opinions and knowledge.

Earlier this month, famed music producer Swizz Beatz completed Harvard Business School’s Owner/Executive Management program.

Salute to LL for continuing to expand and grow his legacy, in and out of the realm of Hip Hop.

“Rock The Bells Radio” is scheduled to launch on SiriusXM channel 23 and the SiriusXM app early 2018.

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