UCLA Fires Jim Mora After 6 Seasons

After losing for the 3 straight year to crosstown rival University of Southern California, UCLA has fired head coach Jim Mora.

“Super agent” David Dunn(middle)

UCLA paid Mora $12 million to go away and reports are already coming in that the school is making a play for Chip Kelly who is a free agent. 247Sports’ Bruin Report Online is reporting that David Dunn, Kelly’s agent, is flying into Los Angeles to meet with UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Associate Athletic Director Josh Rebholz.  Mora has most likely not cleaned out his office yet and the agent of his replacement is already meeting with his former bosses.

In Mora’s defense he did win more games in his first 3 seasons than any coach in the school’s history. The problem is since then his performance has been average at best. In a statement released by Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, Mora was thanked for his tenure there and given credit for bringing back UCLA football to prominence.  “Making a coaching change is never easy, but it’s an especially difficult decision when you know that a coach has given his all to our university, Jim helped re-establish our football program, and was instrumental in so many ways in moving the program forward. While his first four seasons at UCLA were very successful, the past two seasons have not met expectations. We thank Jim and his family for his service to our school and his unquestionable commitment to our student-athletes.”

UCLA will definitely look to land a big name with this hire, and don’t be surprised if the same names that have come up for the Tennessee job are brought up for this one as UCLA is a very high profile program with unlimited resources and a strong desire to win.


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