NFL Coaching Hot Seat Gauge

Week 10 has come and gone for the 2017 NFL season. We take a look-see at the head coaches with the hottest of hot seats.

1. Ben McAdoo, New York Giants


2017 Record: 1-8 | Career: 12-13 (All 1+ Yrs In New York): Things can’t get much worse in New York right now. Coming off of a loss to the previously winless 49ers, the Giants have hit rock bottom. This organization has been extremely patient, historically. But, there almost have to be changes made; not only in the coaching staff, but in the front office and on the field. McAdoo hasn’t shown that he can competently handle this extreme rough patch and appears to have a team that has given up.

Hot Seat Gauge: flameflameflameflameflame

2. Hue Jackson, Cleveland Browns


2017 Record: 0-9 | 1+ Yrs In Cleveland: 1-24 | Career: 9-32: If you look at the Browns’ games, there are obvious pockets of improvement. But, at some point, results have to be seen in the win column. There’s an obvious chasm between the conventional Jackson and the analytics-driven Cleveland front office. A singular mindset must be accomplished in the organization. With that, Hue may be the odd-man out. Also, Jackson hasn’t done himself any favors with highly-questionable on-field decisions — especially at quarterback.

Hot Seat Gauge: flameflameflameflame

3. Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts


2017 Record: 3-7 |Career:  43-36 (All 5+ Yrs In Indianapolis): While the Colts look very competitive, as they are without the services of Andrew Luck and grooming Jacoby Brisett on the fly, there have been far to many games that have slipped away late. Week 10’s loss to Pittsburgh was a prime example. This team just doesn’t know how to close out victories. That may be the sign of a young team and, by itself, is not a huge shock. However, it’s the totality of Pagano’s tenure that may lead to his demise.

Hot Seat Gauge: flameflameflameflame

4. John Fox, Chicago Bears


2017 Record: 3-6 | 2+ Yrs In Chicago: 12-29 | Career: 131-18: Fox stated he is not worried about his job after a disappointing Week 10 loss to Green Bay. Perhaps he should be. Struggles are to be expected on offense with a rookie under center. But, the strength of this team — and Fox — was supposed to be on the defensive side of the ball. The Bears’ defense has been far too inconsistent and lacking in the playmaking department.

Hot Seat Gauge: flameflameflameflame

5. Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals


2017 Record: 3-6 | Career: 121-109-3 (All 14+ Yrs In Cincinnati): Not only is Lewis’ team falling apart this season, he’s a lame duck head coach. So, his seat is hot and the organization may just be riding it out with Lewis in the final year of his contract. At this point — after 15 seasons with ZERO playoff wins — it’s time for a new voice in Cincy.

Hot Seat Gauge: flameflameflame

Seat is awfully warm: 

John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

Bill O’Brien, Houston Texans

Vance Joseph, Denver Broncos

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