7 Up & 7 Down: NFL Week 9

We take inventory of the ups and downs from Week 9 NFL action.

7 Up

Rams Rollin’

Eagles Soarin’

So much  the No Fly Zone coming to Philly. Eagles’ quarterback  Wentz shredded the Broncos’ secondary in route to 4 TD passes. The 24-year-old Wentz  has a league-leading 23 touchdowns passing in what appears as if it could be an MVP-type season.

Duuuuuvallll Defense!

The Jacksonville Jaguars continued their run of impressive play on defense. Granted, the Cincinnati Bengals aren’t an offensive juggernaut. But the Jags held them to a season low 148 yards on the day. The addition of defensive tackle Marcel Dareus gives this defense scary upside.

Back On The Ranch

The Dallas Cowboys are looking like the team most expected to see in 2017. As Ezekiel Elliott continued to evade suspension, the reigning rushing leader and QB Dak Prescott are spearheading Dallas in the right direction moving into the season’s second half.

Feed The Old Beast

He may feel it Monday morning, but Adrian Peterson continues to give Father Time the middle finger. Peterson carried 37 times for 159 yards in a  over San Francisco. He only carried the ball a total of 28 times during his stay in New Orleans. The man still has it folks. He’s gone over 100 yards in two of the three games he’s played for Arizona since being traded. A.P. also eclipsed the 12,000 yard rushing mark for his career Sunday, beginning the fourth-fastest back to reach that milestone.

Bye Week Benefactors

The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers both had the week off. And they still won. With Buffalo hot on their heels, the Pats benefited from the Bills losing Thursday night against the Jets. Pittsburgh increased its lead in the AFC North as both Baltimore and Cincinnati were defeated this week. The Patriots And Steelers are tired atop the AFC at 6-2 now that the Chiefs also lost, falling to 5-3.

The Color of Money

Speaking of those New York Jets. Todd Bowles has his team at 4-5 and playing well when some folks thought they’d be in the running for the first  overall pick in next spring’s draft. Great work by Bowles and quarterback Josh McCown.

7 Down

Flailing Falcons

The defending NFC  Atlanta Falcons dipped to 4-4 with a 20-17 loss to the Carolina Panthers Sunday. The Falcons pretty much look like the .500 team their record says. This is how their Sunday went…

Frustrations Boiling Over

Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Green were each ejected due to an altercation just prior to halftime in Jacksonville. The emotions of a dying season have bubbled over for Green. Also, punching a guy with a helmet on is never a sign of rational thought.

Then, Jameis Winston and crew figured they’d go for the next Royal Rumble Championship since the season is slipping away…

To wrap things up, a late brawl resulted in three players being tossed in the Arizona / San Francisco game.

Sad n’ Blue

How bad is the Giants’ 2017 going?  Just this…

Chief Concern

Remember the good old days when Kansas City was spoken of in juggernaut terms? Oh Week 5… where have you gone? Teams have forced the Chiefs’ offense to play straight-up, block-n-tackle football, causing Alex Smith to be a drop back passer — something at which he does not excel. This also take the gimmicks and weapons out of the equation for chunks of time, negating  of Kansas City’s strengths.

Legion of Doom-ed?

After being torched last week by the Houston Texans, the Seattle Seahawks hoped to respond in Week 9 against Washington. While things started off well with an early safety, Seattle’s defense surrendered the game-winning score after Russell Wilson gave them a lead with under two minutes remaining in the game. Richard Sherman was beat down to the one-yard line by Josh Doctson. Inexplicably, the Seahawks were in press coverage late in the game and got burned for being over aggressive.

Say what now?

Can Newton led the Carolina Panthers to the huge W versus Atlanta Sunday. However, when asked about the void left by recently-traded wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, Cam responded “The Titanic must go on…”. Uh… Cam…nevermind

Where Deshaun Don’t Shine

The Texans are shot without Deshaun Watson, who suffered a torn ACL in practice this week. Looks fairly dark for Houston with Watson gone. They lost 20-14 at home to the Colts with now starting QB Tom Savage completing just 19 of 44 passes for 219 yards. He missed several wife open receivers and came up short  the game on the line. If only there were a better, more mobile quarterback available on the free agent market…



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